Purchasing Services

In addition to being a  design firm, HDB Design Group, LLC, is a full-service purchasing firm that has been helping clients with their procurement needs for over 10 years as HDB and over 20 years as WB Dodson. The longevity of experience in the purchasing field has allowed them to cultivate lasting and trustworthy relationships with many vendors and suppliers.  A key to their purchasing success is having the designers insight with regards to keeping the integrity of specifications and understanding the importance of design features.  

Services Include:

  • Developing  purchase orders from design specifications
  • Coordination with vendors and project schedule to ensure timely installation
  • Oversee with vendors and project schedule to ensure timely installation
  • Competitive bidding and analysis for best pricing Order Tracking
  • Generating  shipping reports Assisting  in filing freight claims
  • Coordination with vendors and project schedule to ensure timely deliveries
  • Assist in filing freight claims

Purchasing Services
Purchasing Services